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thebloodyvampireofhalloween whispered: "H-Hello.."

Hello, do you need something?



*Buries his (her?) face in his (hers???) hands and groans.*

That’s exactly what I needed right now, you over-thinking the fuck out of this, great, awesome. The fuck you want me to do to prove I am me and hating every single second of this?

Hmm..*taps her chin; she’s starting to think this is him, but she has to be sure* If you are Gilbert, then….what movie did we watch together last Monday? *It’s a trick question, since they weren’t together on Monday; they had watched something on Sunday*

*He looked up and glared at her.* Are you fucking dumb? If we watched it together then if I was you I’d still know what movie we watched, and notice that stupid trap you set up there, idiot.



lilyintheashes said: *oh this is quite the battle of the evening. she keeps up with poking with one finger for a few minutes, and then tries it with two, pressing harder now*

*Bring it on, Lily, this time you are going down. Even if his head is being tipped side to side a bit every time she pokes him, he doesn’t say nothing and just continues to watch tv*

*Frowns. This tactic isn’t working. She’ll switch to poking his neck then, before trying for some more ticklish spots.*

*Well, shit Lily, you had to go for his neck, didn’t you? He tried to hold out, but when she poked closer to the front side, his head immediately jerked down to trap her fingers and stop her.* Fuckin- hell- stop!



That wasn’t, I wasn’t… You haven’t been doing anything wrong, Schwarz… I, damn, I have a bad temper, what do you want me to say? I get angry and I solve things with fights, it’s not a good excuse, but… it’s not even an excuse it’s just the way I am, and I got angry because you were taking my shit seriously and getting angry with me for nothing and it seemed like… like you were doubting me, as if you were thinking this is really all some subconscious fuck up to me and I got angry, I didn’t know you were already upset and having a bad day and I reacted the way I react when I get angry, but it’s not your fault, and there’s nothing you should be fixing, it’s just… me… *He bit his lip.* I am sorry… for scaring you, and upsetting you, and making you feel bad, I know I shouldn’t have… but I can’t… feel sorry for being how I am…

[He reached out and took Gilbert’s hand, dragging it close to gently trace little circles on it, then kissing it gently] You know me Gilbert. You should understand  now, I would never think of poorly of you to doubt like that. Have I ever said such things before? [He rested his forehead against the back of Gilbert’s hand] I do forgive you, but goodness, I cannot handle arguments like that. One sided, with you shouting at me. I don’t wish to shout back, because, I was never really angry with you, you know?

*Gilbert looked away, not even the feeling of Schwarz’s hand on his was helping with how inadequate and stupid he was feeling.* No, you haven’t… I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking, I just… You are always taking my teasing seriously and getting angry for nothing, but I thought ‘well, this one should be obvious enough’ but then it seemed like it wasn’t and I was just ‘seriously? Well, fuck you then’, that’s why I didn’t stop…

And shit, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, okay? I was an idiot and I’m sorry.

And I understand, but, you know, you should really learn how to defend yourself! If some jerk is yelling at you for nothing, you should yell back and put them, in the case, me, in their place! But instead you just ran! Running wasn’t gonna solve anything.

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((That’s what you get for doing your exchange program in Scotland and not in Brazil u.u 

*hugs you* That’s understandable, just keep in mind why you went there and that you’ll meet wonderful people and that it’s only temporary and you can call/message/whatsapp/skype your family and friends any time if you miss them too much, okay? ;u;))

((Brazil doesn’t appeal to me as much, and I don’t know a lick of Portuguese. I know there are people who speak English there too, but still. ;;

*buries face in your shoulder* I know. There’s just been a number of things that are always in the back of my head, even when I’m having an otherwise nice day.))

((Excuse you, Brazil is the best B( (unless you want to study in universally renowned universities with actually great courses, in which case no we aren’t) Tsk, those americans, we are forced to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to learn their language and they don’t even bother learning ours :T

No, but seriously, the number of people here that actually speak english isn’t actually that big, inside the college and in the classes you’d have no problem, but in the streets? Better to stay away if you don’t know portuguese or spanish xD

*Pats and smooches* Well, if there’s nothing you can do about them, the best is to try and forget about it, because worrying isn’t gonna do any good to you. If you need to talk, my ask is always open, dear.))

hureprinzessin whispered: [Sweats]





*He can’t say he is surprised by the visit*

Hi, I suppose…

[huffs lightly] Not like a date okay? Just hanging out.

*Eyes him suspiciously* Promise? I’m not going anywhere if I have to keep worrying about you trying to turn it into a lovey dovey kind of stuff.

[frustrated sigh] Ugh I got the message the first couple of times - you’re not a lovey dovey person. Besides.. Maybe just hanging out will do me some good.

Okay, awesome, then… *He grins and pats Roderich in the back enthusiastically.* What are we waiting for? Let’s get going! You pay!


Modern Feminist: “Do your research and learn what feminism is really about!”

*Does own research*



u trendy kids and ur fancy formatting and ur boarders i mean back in my day we slapped on a gif with some random text and called it a starter

Ask my muse personal questions, if they lie, the mun will answer it truthfully in the tags
"Hatred would have been easier. With hatred, I would have known what to do. Hatred is clear, metallic, one-handed, unwavering; unlike love."
- Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye (via snowflakesfallaroundus) -
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One: My muse will kiss yours on the lips
Two: My muse will get down on their knees for your muse
Three: Your muse owns mine for two days
Four: My muse submits for yours
Five: My muse dominates yours
Six: My muse gives yours a striptease
Seven: My muse trails kisses down your muses chest
Eight: Your muse owns my muse bound and gagged for one night
Nine: Our muses do the deed
Ten: Our muses hug one another
Eleven: My muse nibbles yours
Twelve: Your muse goes down on mine
Thirteen: Your muse gets a lap dance from mine
Fourteen: My muse ties up your muse
Fifteen: My muse removes one article of your muse’s clothing
Sixteen: Your muse removes one article of my muse’s clothing
Seventeen: My muse slips their hand into your muse’s pants
Eighteen: My muse buys yours a shot
Nineteen: My muse finds yours naked and tied to the bed
Twenty:My muse will tease yours (take that however you will)
Twenty-One: Your muse blindfolds mine
Twenty-Two: Our muses have sex in an unconventional place
Twenty-Three: My muse blindfolds yours
Twenty-Four: My muse fawns over your muse’s neck (biting,kissing, etc.)
Twenty-Five: Wild card! I get to pick any of the above


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der Kotzbrocken


  • die Kotze (slang) = vomit, puke, barf
  • der Brocken = chunk, lump, hunk

der Kotzbrocken (slang) = son of a bitch, a detestable person

Anonymous whispered: Your blog title sounded oddly familiar, but I couldn't place it! I had to google to remember it was Samsas! OTL

((Hahahaha that’s alright, anon! But you didn’t have to go that far, it’s one of the songs in my playlist! ;)

You are the first person to ever point it out so come here and let me give you a smooch ^3^

Isn’t that song completely perfect for P.russia? It gives me the chills, it’s so awesome!))