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Thank you, dear!!! *hugs*

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*Hugs and jumps on the bed with you* Thank you!

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Thank you! And don’t be a spoil sport, I said kneel so you are going to kneel or I’m gonna have you beheaded :C 

((It’s after midnight so now it’s officially my birthday! Kneel at my feet, you all.))

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*When Lovino said that, it got him thinking. “Potentially dangerous” really was his favourite kind of fun. He grinned dangerously*

How about we go to one of the volcanoes then? Vesuvius, passing by that burned city from the movie, or… how’s that one? Something Fields… Phlegraean Fields!

[He can’t help but raise a brow, shoving his hands into his pockets]  Fine, whatever, I guess that’s not so bad.  [shrugs and bounces down the stairs]  Let’s go then.

So…Why do you want to see that, anyway?  I mean, it’s not like you haven’t even had more than enough time before now.  By the way, don’t fall behind, you jerk.

*Gilbert smiled, happy that he was able to convince Lovino to hang out with him and he trailed behind the other without a problem.* I am bored, I would go anywhere, I just thought about the volcanoes because you said I only like potentially dangerous things and you are right and what’s more potentially dangerous than a volcano? If you have any better ideas, I’m open to suggestions, as long as you entertain me.



Not true, I have a magnetic personality that makes everyone love me, that’s just how things are. *He rolls his eyes cause he wasn’t actually going to throw her off and now he is being squished so he grumbles as well and pats her head* Oh poor girl, there there, what have you been working on? And you are smaller than me, that’s good enough.

Or it makes them want to hit your head with something metal. *She grumbles back, but it doesn’t really mean anything* Just stuff, that’s all. Just a lot of stuff to work on. But it’s tired me out and I haven’t seen anyone for a while. *Mumbles something about him being the biggest butt in the world, so of course she’s smaller than him*

*Laughs* Yeah, that as well, but then I just hit them first. *Caresses her hair* Wanna take a nap? I swear I won’t move and drop you. *Mumbles back about how her butt is a hundred times bigger than his so she can’t say anything.*

((Why is it my brain only works when it’s on the verge of shutting down from lack of sleep?

Science side of tumblr, please explain))





*Well shit, so that’s what this is about.*

*Kind of laughs because that was kind of funny*

Well… If I tell you I had he least portion of guilt on all that, does that count for something?

[ Uh-oh, you shouldn’t have laughed ]

[ You should not have laughed ]

[ She looks positively murderous right now ]


No, it doesn’t. I will have a talk with Roberto later, but you are not going away with this. [ Throws her arms up, getting louder ]  What were you thinking? That box was mine. I never gave you the right to even look through most my boxes, what made you think you could throw it on a Goddamned bonfire?

*Well shit.*

*He didn’t think it would be that big a deal*

*He just…*


You want the truth? I wasn’t thinking at all. I was freaky drunk and I just went along with whatever Roberto was saying, because it made some kind of sense at the time and it was funny. it was just some toys, you can buy new ones if that’s the problem, I’ll not even say a thing.

[ Her hands clench into fists by her sides ]

[ It’s not like she’ll try to hit him, she’s smarter than that, but the want is there. ]

It’s not about the freaking toys. I couldn’t care less for them, truth be told, because it wasn’t all that was in that box! I kept a lot of money there, almost all my old crosses, I had photographs in there. Do you really peg me for someone who’d be mad about freaking sex toys I hadn’t picked up in months?

It was funny? [ She basically growls the word, spits it out ] Whoa. Great to know you get a fucking laugh out of burning my shit up. You should’ve joined Arthur and Alfred back when they were still into it! 

And if you’re this gullible when drunk, I just might start locking you out whenever you go out drinking. God forbid someone convinces you to disappear with something else, otherwise.

*Gilbert paled and stared at her in shock when she told him all that there was in the box. He didn’t know that, he had no idea, and in the state he had been it wasn’t like he would have noticed. He cursed, internally and loudly, and looked genuinely guilty now.* Shit, Meg, I am sorry, I didn’t know…

*He cringed at her growl, but glares back at her. Wrong or not, he never liked getting shouted at.* Yes, at the time it was fucking funny, what do you want me to say, I barely remember what the fuck happened. Don’t go all high and mighty on me like you’ve never done any stupid shit you don’t even remember on the hundreds of times you have gotten drunk since ever!

And I am not! I don’t have any fucking clue what happened, okay!? Greyjerks got me all weird, I fucked up, it won’t happen again!



Wait, no, don’t hug him or he is going to get embarrassed, oh, too late. He will just make an effort and hug the other back since it’s his death day and all, but he quickly let’s go.

"Well, people leave presents on dead people’s graves when their death day comes, the only difference is you are actually here to collect it. I’ll get you a potato later." He teases and laughs, ushering Frederick out of the door so he could close it and they could get going.

"Yes, sir, right this way." He mockingly made a bow and indicated the way they should follow.

With a playful little bounce, he hopped down the stairs and waited for him. “A potato from my grave? Oh! That would be lovely! I’ll plant in in my garden so I can grow more.” The bow was mirrored before Frederick followed after him.

"I was there this morning. Not many people were there, thankfully. Last year I showed up later in the day and too many people pointed out that I looked similar to the statue of me in the garden. I was happy to see so many people there, yes, but it scared me a little about them recognizing me."

He sighed softly, keeping a step behind Gilbert. “I wonder if my body is still there. Or rather, my bones, I suppose. Surely the rest has rotted away by now.”

"I was thinking more of a potato from the market, but sure, I can go back to Sanssouci and grab you one from there if you’ll like." He rolled his eyes at Frederick when he told his story. "Well, what were you expecting? When a day people go there specially to celebrate you, someone was bound to notice. You should have put a hat and hid your hair in it at least." He looked back at Fritz solemnly and nodded to confirm.

"Yes they are, I made damn sure of it myself. I almost yelled your nephews ears off when he decided to ignore your wishes and buried you somewhere else, such disrespect! Took me two freaking centuries, but I finally got your sarcophagus where it was supposed to be, and no one will move it without passing through me." He said, with a great deal of pride that he could sill look out for his king’s wishes after such a long time. "Hey, we are here!" He motioned to the bar they were now in front of, it wasn’t very big, but it was a family business, so it was lively and cozy. Gilbert led Frederick in to a small table and called a waiter to get their orders. "I want the usual, and he…" He trailed off to let Fritz order what he wanted.



*Covers his face with his hands and muffles his outraged scream* Okay, now you can’t say you aren’t the weird one, you little brat! And my ass is perfectly awesome, way better than your flat one!


That is not fucking fair.

You grabbed my waist first! *pulls her hand back all the same* And my butt is not flat. It’s a perfect shape. I happen to work out and keep it fine, you know. 

*smirks* You want down or not? Surely all the blood must be rushing to your head by now.

Because I was trying not to dive nose first on the floor! *Huffs* Well, so do I.

*Shakes his head vigorously, he wouldn’t let himself get beaten so easily.* I am perfectly fine! But you should still let me the fuck down, or God help you when you do!






-Ah,aham, eu! Aquele olho roxo então ,vou fingir que não fui eu! - retrucou em tom de brincadeira - Ei,eu não fico entocado em casa, eu só…-suspirou - ok,minha vida ficou bem monótona desde que eu e Liz nos mudamos pra Áustria e …-olhou pra trás diante a pergunta dele - eu não sei…o senhor e a senhorita Áustria saíram e a Liz foi junto…então to sozinho, mas sabe como é…aqui só tem livros e piano -riu - sei lá, quer sair tomar uma cerveja ou algo assim..? -sugeriu com um suave sorriso.

Que mané olho roxo! Você também levou vários, então fique quieto! *Dá uma revirada de olhos* É claro que ficou, é a Austria, não tem nada pra se fazer aqui, ainda mais com aqueles dois chatos dos infernos. Bom, se eles não tão ai, isso acaba com minha ideia de pregar uma peça neles, mas tomar uma cerveja parece uma boa. Você paga! *Ele virou e foi andando até a calçada, esperando o outro seguir*

-Eu levei vários,mas menos do que você! -continuou provocando.-Ei,não fale assim do senhor e da senhorita Áustria…eles só..são mais pacíficos que os outros, só isso. -disse tentando defende-los mas já foi ignorado pelo outro e se pôs a seguir ele -EI! porque eu que pago seu folgado ? Além de fraco é pobre é ? -provocou.

Nos teus sonhos! E eu falo o que eu quiser porque são uns chatos isso sim, chaaatoooos, mesmo no mundo de hoje que é cheio de frescura eles ainda ganham o prêmio. *Dá um tapa nas costas do outro, um pouco forte demais mas ainda assim de forma amigável.* Vai pagar porque eu fui esperto e falei primeiro e porque eu tive tooodooo esse trabalho de vir até aqui, então você tá me devendo! E fraco e pobre é a mãe! Agora mostra o caminho pro bar mais perto!

Suspirou diante a teimosia do outro para com tal implicância com os austríacos. Seu corpo foi um pouco pra frente com os tapas nas costas. -…aaaaiiii!! Você não foi esperto, só foi aproveitador e…- pensou e deu um sorriso maldoso - ok,já que eu vou pagar…-olhando em volta -então escolho o bar e…que tal aquele ali -disse apontando pra um boteco qualquer..


-É de ultima categoria hehe -esperando pra ver a reação dele


Aproveitador e esperto são dois sinônimos para ‘perdeu, mané’. *Ele diz com um sorriso orgulhoso, virando a cabeça para olhar qual o bar que o outro escolheu, só pra perder completamnete o ânimo.*

Hã? Mas aquilo é um muquifo, nem deve ter cerveja boa nesse lugar, eu não aceito, nem pensar!

Send me a headcanon about my character and I’ll either confirm it, or deny it.



*He smiled at Schwarz and, noticing he still had one article of clothing on, quickly worked to remove the other’s pants and undergarments as he messed with the lube. Throwing the pants on the floor, he looked back up at Schwarz and smirked mischievously.*

Ohhh, kinky~ *He chuckled* Sounds good to me. *He helped Schwarz maneuver until he was now the one sitting at the edge of the bed, an awesome view if Gilbert did say so himself, but that wasn’t important now. He climbed on top of the other, passing his arms around his neck and kissed him eagerly, barely containing his anticipation.*

[Schwarz flexed his clawed toes once his pants were off and he set the lube aside for the moment now that his fingers were slick. He blushed a little more heavily at Gilbert’s words while he let himself be positioned to the edge of the bed. Really, he just wanted to look at Gilbert’s face through all of this. He kissed the other Prussian back happily, wrapping an arm around his waist.]

Ah, you look amazing Gil- [He mumbled, breaking the kiss and looking down at Gilbert’s body appreciatively. His lubed fingers slid down across the other’s lower back and then along his ass. Schwarz’s fingers blindly groped and felt their way down until he could feel Gilbert’s entrance which he slowly ran a finger around, gently nudging it until the tip of his finger slipped in. At the same time, his other hand reached in between them to stroke Gilbert’s erection again.]

*Schwarz could look at his face all he wanted, it hardly mattered to Gilbert when he was getting what he wanted. And he rather enjoyed looking at Schwarz as well. He smiled cockily at the compliment.* Of course, I always do! *He laughed quietly, paying more attention now to the feeling of Schwarz’s fingers on his skin, unconsciously spreading his legs just a tiny bit more. He let out a strangled sound, both at the pleasurable feeling and at the fact that Schwarz was doing more teasing, but he hardly had time to mind that before he had to close his eyes, moaning softly at the first burn of the finger slipping in and the amazing feeling of his erection being stroked again.* Hmm, you don’t need to go so slowly, you know? *He tried to urge the other into preparing him faster without being so demanding again since he wanted to let Schwarz have his way.*



*Frowns* Well, it’s not like you are the one that has to “consider” anyone’s spouses, that’s their job to do.

[Fidgets] I-I  suppose-  But I think it made him upset that I offered it to his boyfriend without considering him. I-I’m merely not good with strangers is all, which is why I didn’t…

*Shakes heads* If you have never even met him before, then why would you consider him? It’s no crime wanting to go out with your friend, whatever tag alongs your friend might have, they are the ones that have to consider them and bring it up to you. *Caresses Schwarz’s hair* Shh, I know, relax. You didn’t do anything wrong.



Some people have never had someone trying to kill them behind their back, then. *Sighs, at least the other cheered up and wouldn’t ask. He shakes his head.* No, you are my only demon trouble at the moment, I don’t handle two at the same time and I’d rather keep as it is, at least with you I know how to deal. And I’ve been fine. *It took him a moment and then he gave in and asked* And you?

Ah, well that’s good then~ There are some troublesome ones running about lately. [Stares at Gilbert as though he’s grown a second head when he hears the question. He looks behind himself for a moment as though expecting to see someone else there. When he finally glances back at the Prussian, he looks almost in awe before he holds onto his tail with a sudden bashfulness that is extremely uncommon for him. If there’s one thing he has absolutely no defense against or any idea how to deal with, it’s questions about himself that don’t involve sex or insults towards him in general. He’s not used to it. He shuffles his feet, actually looking shy]

I-I er, I’m good. Kind of worn out due to a lot of work, but, not, too bad…

Urgh, what awesome news. *sarcasm* They haven’t bothered me yet, and I hope they never will. *He raises an eyebrow at the other suddenly turning so sheepish. Now look at that, if he had known it was that easy to keep him quiet he would have tried being nicer a long time ago.*

*Ok, no he wouldn’t.*

Really now? That would be a first. You seem to only drop by when you are having trouble with demons or humans or trying to starve yourself, so I was expecting something of the like…





*Okay, what the fuck!?!*

*Pushes the other away from him because who the hell does he think he is grabbing him like that??*

What the fuck, get off of me, you psycho! And Gilen is your whore mother, my name is Gilbert!

[pouted when he was roughly pushed away] I’am not a psycho, sweetheart. Gilbert?! Oh… Sorry I confused you with another gay with platium hair heh~ I’am Flavio, nice to meet you Gilb.

*Grimaces* Don’t call me “sweetheart”… And don’t call me “Gilb” either, I just told you my name! And you should make sure you are really talking to the person you think to before tackling them like that.

is giving me a moral lesson, amore? … Oh don’t worry I was very well created! [He grinned and straightened his clothes ignoring his irritation] So Gilb, you don’t know who is Gilen?

Hah, you sound like someone that is trying to pass off as higher than they are, that’s what. *Glares* Don’t call me Gilb. And no I haven’t got a clue who ‘Gilen’ is.