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At least I won’t have crud from 200 years ago on my feet[/shrug shrug]

Don’t you take showers or something? Last I checked getting rid of dirt is what they were for.

………. [/squinty squint]

Do you, like, scrub your feet every time you shower?

I scrub’em with soap, it’s good enough. I don’t waste money on stupid things.


At least I won’t have crud from 200 years ago on my feet[/shrug shrug]

Don’t you take showers or something? Last I checked getting rid of dirt is what they were for.



*Gilbert opened his mouth, meaning to say something, anything, about why didn’t you stop him. But he knew there wasn’t actually anything the woman, or anyone really, could have done to prevent it, so he hold back his need to lash out to cover his helplessness and frustration. Then Schwarz getting up immediately cut off his train of thought and he went after him and grabbed him by the shoulders.*

And where do you think you are going? Sit back here that we are not done. *He tried to push him back down onto the couch, all the while trying to examine him again.* What were you even- grabbing random drinks, I can’t fucking believe it. Are you hurt? What happened after that? *He wasn’t even sure if he was trying to ask Schwarz or the woman* From where in the hell did you get a freaking rapier?

[The woman sighed and shook her head] I’m sure you’ll get more out of him. I found him afterwards pacing in front of the bar, tripping over his own feet, now- I need to get home. [She turned and headed for the door, leaving as quickly as possible]

[Schwarz gave a soft plaintive whine] Gil-, Gilly- [He took one of Gilbert’s hands as he allowed himself to be pushed back on the couch.  He took to kissing the knuckles of the hand he’d taken while he let the rapier clatter to the floor] ‘M not hurt. I’m not. [That seems to have been the only question he really registered]

*He mumbled a ‘thank you’ to the woman but didn’t pay her leaving much mind. he had a bigger worry at the moment than to be polite.* Sorry, Schwarzy, but I don’t trust your judgement right now, so stay put. *He pulled back his hand and kept on trying to find a bruise or… anything really. He was feeling scared, helpless, only knowing about what happened after everything had already gone down and if he found out anyone had hurt Schwarz while he wasn’t there to help him there would be hell to pay.* I can’t even… fucking believe… What happened? Do you remember? Anything?






[/he’s going to sit and contemplate]

Did I do something wrong?

Probably. Why?

My son painted his fingernails /green/

And he got his ring finger painted /yellow/

I’ve failed him


*He doesn`t know what he found more shocking in that phrase: my son, painting his nails or green and yellow.*

*Eventually just… bursts out laughing*

Haha, the boy likes Brazil better hahaha, sucks to be you!

I will pick out his colors next time[/strokes his own chin] he will get baby blue and yellow next time, yeah

And we will have our toes matching


You and your son are so fricking gay.

arie-cosplay whispered: What's your OTP?



It’s Pruk(Prussia ♥ England)!!

((Today was a shitty shitty day

We screwed up the sending of the survey to the parents and are probably going to get our asses chewed by the school principal tomorrow (at least this one wasn’t my fault. I think)

My boss came back from her trip and she wants to ‘talk’ (which is generally slang for telling me I’m doing everything wrong and biting my head off)

I had to stay at work later and was so exhausted I got home and passed out and just woke up now and I have a test tomorrow that I didn’t study for and now I’m freaking out.

fuck everything.))



This is your city. 

This is your city on liberalism.


That’s really sad.

???? Guys, if you think liberalism has anything to do with the government (any government) then you clearly don’t know what liberalism is…

That one friend with the fucked-up sense of humor:

((I was studying for a test and now I will sleep, sorry for not answering anything today, i’ll be on tomorrow evening after work, bye dears))

((“Don’t do that because you might make someone uncomfortable” is literally the dumbest, that makes the least sense and stupidest reason ever not to do something or to tell someone not to do something and Tumblr seems to think it’s an universal law jfc))

immortals falling for mortals

immortals getting clingy and needy because you have so little time we need to make the most of it

and their lovers being like chill i’ve still got like fifty years and we’ve already spent decades together we’ve been like all around the world by now but rly all I need is you

and just, no, you don’t understand that’s not nearly enough for all the things I want to show you please why are you slowing down I know but you’re tired a lot lately wait no

dont go

((We are kicking Japan’s ass at the judo challenge and I think this is really amusing.))

"In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one."

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this is for real, very important stuff right here

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