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Julia sat on the bed. The thing she most hate in this world is to hear her brother with that voice. She pulled the air, sighing again and looking around

“… Gil, you know that I can let my cellphone up the entire day if it’s for you.” and then she felt like she was going to regret it “…. Okay, I’ll be back to home, if you stay on the front door waiting. You need to promise me.”

*A surge of relief washed through him as he heard that. His hands relaxed on the wheel and on the phone and he felt like a huge weight had just been pulled out of his shoulders. He answered in a hurry:*

Yes, I promise! I promise! I’m almost home, I’ll wait for you then. *He stopped for a while and then murmured:* Thank you, Jules.

She felt a small smile on her face. Since the beggining, she wanted his brother more by her side. She never said that clearly, because he had a lot of important things to do, and she already was adult and all those things. 

She whispered one “I’m sorry”, and then cleaned the throat “… I’ll be going there, then. See ya, then?”

He shook his head in negative, too exhausted to even realize she wasn’t able to see him right now. “I’m the one that’s sorry.” And he was, he felt extremely guilty for having failed with her twice. If Julia wanted her brother by her side now then in a matter of time she would be sick of him, because he wouldn’t leave her side.

“See you, Jules.”

She smiled slightly, turning off the phone then. Her headache was stronger, and she covered her head with the blanket, laying on the bed for some minutes. Then she left the bed, starting to put her things on the bag, telling to her friend she was going and thanking for receiving her on his house. Then, she stepped on the street, putting the sunglasses and calling a taxi, finally going to home.

As soon as he hung up, he picked up the speed to get home as soon as he could, luckily avoiding any accidents. The amount of adrenaline in his system that came from talking with his sister made him forget how tired he was, but he still looked completely spent, with bags under his eyes and thinner than he had been, but he didn’t care right now. He parked in front of their house and hopped off the car to wait for her.

The taxi was really fast and it kinda worried Julia. In less than ten minutes, the taxi stopped on the street corner, and she payed and picked her bag, waiting the car go away. So, she sighed, picking the bag and walking slowly to the house. 

She was a bit nervous, and her headache seemed a little worst than it was before. She pulled the air, sighing slowly, trying to calm down, finally stopping in front of the house and turning to it, looking for Gilbert.

Gilbert had sat down on the steps that led inside the house and was keeping watch to both sides of the street, waiting for a sign of his sister. When he spotted her, he got up and ran to her side with a shout of ‘Jules!’.

His instinct was to throw his arms around her and hug her, but he was afraid he would end up hurting the girl as she had just gotten out of the hospital, so he just stood in front of her, arms raised and hovering around her without pressing down.

"Jules, oh Gott…" There was many things he wanted to say, but in the confusion of his mind, the first that came out was: "I’m so sorry." He looked at her with a pained expression.

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    "No, no, no…" His arms around her were trembling, his whole being threatening to break down in guilt, worry, anger and...
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    Julia not moved at first. Only watched her brother approaching and when he hugged her, she let her bag go to the floor....